Heavy Rain

by Twin Chicken

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My insides, now, they feel like they are tied up, constantly. Like they are squeezing themselves tight. A constant pain in my gut, and a constant dread that he will get angry at me again.


released November 30, 2014

satan for the hunger and
the christ for the grace


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Twin Chicken Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Heavy Rain
what do i gotta do?
why do i smell like sulfur?
don't hurt me
don't hurt me, baby

satan seeking for some soul
satan seeking for some organ
glistening piles of blood
he's got me, he's got my children

he's got my heart in his fist
he crushes it like it's nothing
i stay in my room
i think i'm safe, then he kills me

cannonball fall upon me
rip the sky and bring an ending to this world
government persecute me
sign my soul and tell me what i should destroy
God bring your thunder
kill the Christ and give me heavy heavy rain
heavy heavy rain for my psyche
heavy rain fro my friends, i'm a zombie

don't hurt me

heavy heavy rain, jericho
armageddon in my stomach
amadeus sing the killer's song
i like my lament lazy, so no one can call me crazy
HEAVY HEAVY RAIN ON MY CORPSE, KILL ME (jericho, je-jericho)

i've become the ghost
i've become the flesh
HELL IS HOMESICK! HELL IS HEAVY RAIN (jericho, je-jericho)

heavy heavy rain, pyramid
alexander knife
cut my knot, cannibal

it's still illegal! it's still illegal!
don't kill my baby, don't kill her satan!
don't kill my lover, i love my baby
don't know what i would do
with her dead
Track Name: Gravestone Prayer
think i'm insane
i sing a prayer
God help me now!!

hate me, you hurt me
you make me feel like
i'm just some flesh to eat!!



eat me alive
holy prayer, holy soul

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