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released November 4, 2014


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Twin Chicken Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: The Apostles Become Endless
the apostles shine shoes / and take a bath at the water park at nazareth / (oooooh) / prince of books at a library of palaces

i become endless / you become endless too

the apostle...
Track Name: Reverend Colors
keep it to yourself, girl / reverend colors...

my friend was far away / i was on the telephone / singing through the static

hungry for some substance / hungry for release / reverend...

we're all singing something / i wish i could kiss you now / hold my body...
Track Name: Maria Mother of Trace
she can say it like it is / she's got eyes under her eyelids

maria mother of traces / she keeps ghosts in the cellar / nobody will suffer with her / shift in some dream

maria mother of traces / history, it don't feel the same


seconds / it didn't happen again / it didn't happen a first time / how could you have seconds? / if it didn't happen a first time / where is she... / maria...

Track Name: Go to Sleep
go to sleep / i'll still love you tomorrow

give me / all your attention / give me kisses

i don't sing / for just anybody / i only sing for you
Track Name: Swing Low Soldier
dead sailors / good person / fill my head with a lullaby
desirous / vociferous / am i tired or am i frustrated?

swing low soldier...

young money, old soul / sleep on pavement, eat magic caviar
my soul is missing / lost in war, constant combat with my mind

swing low soldier...

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